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Thoughts on using a "normal" electric trolley...

By Stewart Golf April 29, 2019

Through an accident of circumstances I used an electric trolley the other day that wasn’t a Remote or a Follow: I’d forgotten how inconvenient it they are!

We (Stewart Golf) have two motors on our electric trolleys – one for each rear wheel, with the power delivered directly from the gearbox. A “normal” electric trolley that you have to steer yourself and hold on to the handle all the time just has one motor, with the power being transferred to both wheels at the same time via an axle, with a "sprag clutch" on each wheel to help steering.

First off, starting it up: I’d press the button to start it and start walking myself and walk straight into it! They take ages to get up to the speed you’ve set for them.

Next, having to hold on to it: that’s a pain. Wherever I went the trolley had to come with me and I had to have at least one hand on the handle – meaning anything else I wanted to do I had to try to do one-handed. Peeling a banana was the tricky to say the least… 

It was always on the wrong side of the green when I needed it and always 50 yards away when I was looking for a golf ball. I must have walked an extra 100 yards per hole than I usually do with an X9. 

And then stopping: I’d get to a tee, press the button to stop the trolley, turn around to see where the tees boxes are positioned, then turn around to get a club and find my trolley was 20 yards away! Apparently, sprag clutches are like children: when you tell them to stop doing something they’ll do it, but at their own pace…

Thankfully someone makes trolleys that react quickly when you tell them to start, have a remote control, and have direct drive so they stop when you want them to stop. That someone is us!

Post written by Robert Hardie, Stewart Golf (Handicap 12). 

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