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X & F Series Maintenance

By May 05, 2017

Taking proper care of your X or F series trolley won’t just keep it looking better, it’ll keep it working better too.

When using the trolley, do not drive it through deep puddles or allow the trolley to become submerged in streams or rivers or ponds. Should you accidentally allow the trolley to be submerged you should immediately turn off the power, disconnect the battery, put the wheels into freewheel and not attempt to use the trolley in powered mode until all water has been allowed to dry out thoroughly - and be aware that this will take days, not hours.

Most courses or clubs have a compressed air line: use this after every time you play to clear any mud or dirt that has accumulated, not just on the body of the trolley and underneath the chassis but from the tyres/wheels and inside the wheel arches too.

If you have an X series trolley, make sure you also clear out any dirt or debris from the bottom legs of the wishbone-shaped main support: grit or stones or twigs will prevent easy folding up or down of the main support and may damage it.

Use a damp cloth to clean the body of the trolley: the front and rear covers are designed to duct water away from the electronics of the trolley when it is being used in the rain but there is still no need to use excessive amounts water to clean the trolley and you should always dry it off too.

If you take off the front cover to clear inside the battery compartment, take great care not to get water on the ECU box: use a dry brush to remove any grass or mud that has been drawn up from under the chassis.

Do not, in any circumstances, use any sort of power washer: if any water gets into the electronics then they will need replacing - they are not cheap and replacement is not covered by your warranty.

Get your trolley serviced by us once a year: making sure all the parts such as wheel bearings and motors are in prime working order will not only keep your trolley operating as quietly as it was designed to do, it will make your battery last longer too:

Taking care of your battery, here’s how to look after your X-series battery

Finally, if you have an F1-S series battery always remember that it has a BMS (battery management system) inside that is there to protect the battery and increase its life. Part of this protection is the sleep mode, which it will go in to if the battery is not used within 24 hours of being connected to the charger.

The correct charging routine is as follows:
1. After playing, plug the charger into a socket with the power turned off, then connect the charger to the battery and only then turn on the power at the socket. Leave the battery connected until the charger light shows green. A complete charging cycle should take a maximum of six hours.

2. Disconnect the charger and battery and store it. If it is left for more than 24 hours it will go to sleep.

3. The night before you play, or in the morning, wake up the battery by plugging in to the charger for 30 seconds. Test with the trolley to ensure it is awake, then you’re good to play.

Always keep an eye on the F1 screen as it will provide various messages as to what the trolley is doing, including when to change the battery in the handset.

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