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What About GPS?

By Robert Hardie March 13, 2024 13 comments

Usually at Stewart we like talking about what our machines can do, not what they don't do. However, one of those topics that come up every now and again is GPS and will we ever add an integrated GPS to our trolley lineup. The short But, we wanted to share with you why we don't offer it in our range.

Obviously we've considered integrating GPS into our machines, but every time we've had those conversations internally we've reached the same conclusion for the following reasons:

We Don't Want To Make You Compromise

We're confident we make the best golf trolleys available, but we're even more confident someone else makes a better GPS than we could. If we force you to have our GPS we're asking you to accept second-best, and we'd never do that! Buy the best trolley you can. But then buy the best GPS you can too.

You've Probably Already Got It

Most golfers already have GPS in some shape or form - in fact recently we conducted our largest ever customer survey, in which we found 96% of our golfers used some kind of GPS/distance measuring device - smartwatches are becoming almost as popular as smartphones. A good proportion of golfers also have a rangefinder for when they want the most accurate distance measurements. No GPS can compete for accuracy with a good quality laser rangefinder. 

GPS Is Free

Even if you don't have a GPS watch, there are countless really good smartphone apps out there that offer accurate GPS totally free of charge! So why would we make you pay extra for it? What's more, your phone screen is way bigger with better resolution and easier to see when the sun is shining (remember that?) than any trolley screen could ever be. If you want to go down this route we offer a smartphone holder that fits neatly to any of our trolleys' handles. 

You're Not Always With Your Trolley

With remote control, you're often playing your shots some distance from your trolley - and for good reasons. How frustrating would it be to have paid the extra money to get the freedom a remote trolley gives you and then have to be constantly tied to it just to read your GPS? Walking back to a tee box; leaving your trolley on a fairway while you go to find your ball; etc etc; we've all been there, and we've all then realised we didn't know the distance! Keep your GPS with you and don't think you have to have your trolley with you 100% of the time.

Screens Don't Add Much Value

A screen just doesn't add any value out on the golf course. If you have a Follow trolley then you can't see it anyway, and if you're using Remote then it should be 10 - 15 yards ahead for the best experience, so again you can't see it. What a screen does do is provide another potential failure and maintenance point, and drains battery power. Power is for motors as far as we are concerned. To be frank, we go to the golf course to get away from screens and you should too!

In summary, we don't offer integrated GPS because honestly, we don't see the point. The beauty of our trolleys is that they offer the best walking golf experience you'll ever have, so that's what we focus on giving you. For our money, the best place for traditional GPS is on your wrist, and the best way to get an accurate yardage is with a laser rangefinder.


Check out Patrick's RGV Tour page here:

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  • Instead of making one, why not partner with someone who does GPS for a living, such as Garmin ?

    John McDermott on

  • Robert Hardie – Good article for justifying why there’s no GPS! Totally agree however the proprietor nature of the battery make it a big downer 😢very good machine.

    Hèctor J on

  • Shame the rationale doesn’t seem to incorporate what the consumer wants which being an owner and knowing others is something we do want the option to add on. I’d also be reconsidering as your USP for the follow is that it’s as close to a caddie as you’ll get. You’re next generation should be looking to innovate and include a GPS and also shot tracing technology so that you can truly base the trolley on a caddie that in time will recommend what club to use – that needs to be the future of your trolley or you’ll be left behind in 5-10yrs and risk what Netflix did to Blockbuster – Mottocady will do that to Stewart Golf if you’re not careful.

    Willie Edgar on

  • I just wanted to make a review after reading No GPS anytime soon.

    I bought a Stewart Follow 2 years ago because I read the hype and assumed they were the best trolleys. I was disappointed it didn’t have gps but was taken in with the follow feature and remote.
    My first impression was very plasticky compared to the motocaddy (which I hired at my golf club for a few years)
    I played 27 holes and wasn’t impressed with the fiddling around with the follow (when crossing tighter areas) or the constant thinking of controlling the trolley with the remote. To add extra misery part of the arch or something near snapped. I know there is a fantastic after service which I’m sure would have sorted this but id had enough and was lucky to sell it for a small loss. I find the motocaddy much more heavy duty and love the gps as it always there. The motocaddy screen cracks easy so it’s not perfect but each to their own. Ps i don’t work for any golf manufacturer.

    James Knight on

  • I agree that GPS on a trolley is more gimmick then function. I would second John Krancioch’s that a control on the handle is definitely needed for tight spaces or when you can’t be arsed to get the remote out your pocket

    Brett Metelerkamp on

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