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Watt Energy Crisis?

By Shopify API July 28, 2022 1 comment

7,000 + Yards In One Round : What Energy Crisis?

St Andrews Witness The Brisbane Roar

28 July, 2022 - Robert hardie


I played recently at JCB Golf and Country Club in Staffordshire: 7,000+ yards, frequent 350+ feet changes of elevation, and the venue for the Legends Tour, which starts tomorrow.

It was a great experience and every pound of the £millions they have poured into it has been well spent, although it’s a very individual setup: no non-corporate members, invitation-only, and no EG course rating.


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  • "Worried that your battery might not make it around the course? As long as you've charged it you can stop worrying right now!"

    • Robert Hardie

"In many ways, St Andrews is the worst venue to hold the Open Championship. Except all the other ones."

  • Robert Hardie

But I had two big takeaways: both of which I LOVED!

Firstly, you won’t find a tougher course to walk around with an electric trolley and yet our battery ate it up. After way more than 7,000 yards given the amount of zig-zagging we did looking for balls in the punishing rough that’s just off the fairways my 36-hole battery still had 55% left – even our 18-hole would have coped!

 Secondly, my partner and I were walking but the pair we played with had a buggy so I took the opportunity to test how much quicker walking is than driving a buggy.

It’s an urban myth that driving a buggy is quicker than walking: the problem is that you have to drive to at least two different balls on every hole at least twice, whereas if you’re walking you only walk to your own.

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So I timed how much time we spent waiting for the buggy pair to catch us up: it was over 20 minutes.

So I’m counting it as two wins: our battery beat the JCB course and the trolley beat buggy too!

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1 comment

  • Agreed, I love that I can get so much out of my 36 hole battery,
    only niggle is the fit.
    It indeed slips into position easily but it is still ‘nail breakingly’ and ‘finger hurtingly’ hard to remove, despite the application of the mod suggested and despite the battery with Q trolley having been returned and seemingly addressed by Stewart techs!

    Ian on

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