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Caring for your R1-S Push

By Stewart Golf January 11, 2022 1 comment

Stewart Golf

Getting the most out of your R1-S Push

Like any piece of equipment, the better you look after your R1-S Push trolley the better it will perform and the longer it will last. 

When designing the R1-S Push, a major part of the brief was to make it as easy as possible to maintain - and we did just that!

Owner's Manual

For a complete guide to your new R1-S Push, take a read of our official owner's manual. 

General Care

The gears and folding mechanism of the trolley are all enclosed and so there are no sleeves or sliders to trap dirt and mud, but you still need to keep the trolley clean. If you have a compressed air line at your course, use it to clean down the trolley - particularly the wheels - after every time you play. In addition, wipe down the frame and the mouldings with a damp cloth and then dry afterwards. 

Also use the air line to make sure no dirt or grit has got into the brake mechanism - if anything is allowed to build up inside the brake and stop it working there is a danger that you might break it by forcing it. 

You should wash the wheels of your R1-S Push regularly. Remove them from the trolley using the quick release mechanisms and rinse under a tap. Be sure to re-fit the front wheel securely, with the locking clips on either side of the housing both fully engaged. 

Finally, if you want to lubricate the gear mechanism you should use PTFE spray, rather than a water displacement spray such as standard WD40. Open the latch at the bottom of the main support and spray down into the gear mechanism, but be aware that some of the PTFE spray may leak out and so it's probably best to do this outside and not on your best carpet!

Folding & Unfolding

Check out the video below for a simple guide to folding and unfolding your R1-S trolley.

Winter Tips

At Stewart Golf, our trolleys are handbuilt to perform in all seasons. However, during the winter months there are several steps you can take to ensure optimum performance in tougher conditions, as well as making sure your trolley is in top shape come the spring. 

1) Clean trolley after each use with a damp cloth or air-hose

2) Avoid extreme temperature conditions, such as leaving trolley in car overnight

3) Invest in PTFE spray (no oil-based lubricants). Before storing trolley for winter, spray all moveable parts of the trolley, including up into the Stewart Golf latch and leave overnight


Dry out and clean bags or other Stewart Golf accessories before storing over winter to avoid dirt build up and mould

Taking the above steps with your trolley and its equipment is the best way to ensure that you get the maximum performance from it, whether you decide to play throughout the winter, or when you are back out on the course come spring. 

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1 comment

  • Can you please explain why your charging £5.00 delivery for a storage net???

    Matthew Carter on

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